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A stumble may prevent a fall.
Thomas Fuller (via psych-facts)

A few brothers picked up a homeless man, fed him, clothed him and cleaned him up all for Allāh’s sake. They gave him dawah and he later accepted Islam. In the photo, one of the brothers is teaching him how to pray salaat. People like this fill my heart with so much love, hope and faith. Maa shaa Allah, may Allah bless the brothers who helped the homeless man. May Allah give them the highest level of Junnah. May he be protected from all harm. Ameen.
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Now someone might say, ‘what good does it mean to ask for it? What’s that going to do?’ There’s a very beautiful hadith. If there is one thing I want you to apply from this video it is this one, inshAllah. There is one very beautiful hadith narrated in Sunan Al-Tirmidhi and also Musnad Al-Imam Ahmad with an authentic chain from Anas ibn Malik RA that the Prophet SWS said,  ‘whoever asks Allah for Jannah three times not only does Allah answer the dua, RasoolAllah SWS says ‘Jannah actually talks. Jannah speaks. Jannah itself makes du’aa to Allah, ‘oh Allah enter him into Paradise.’ And the Prophet SWS said, and ‘whoever asks Allah protection from HellFire, to be protected and guarded from Hellfire’, Hellfire makes du’aa to Allah  ‘oh Allah protect him from the fire’. SubhanAllah, asking three times. If you can just incorporate this one thing into your life. If you want Jannah why don’t you just say so?
Oh Allah enter us into Jannah-tul-Firdaous’, because the Prophet SWS said don’t just ask for Jannah, ask for the highest level which is in his companionship, inshAllah in the highest level of Paradise with the Prophet SWS. So you make du’aa three times. Look how easy it is.
 Allahuma adkhilni Jannat-il-Firdous – Oh Allah! Grant me Jannah Al-Firdous
Allahuma adkhilni Jannat-il-Firdous – Oh Allah! Grant me Jannah Al-Firdous
Allahuma adkhilni Jannat-il-Firdous – Oh Allah! Grant me Jannah Al-Firdous
Oh Allah grant me Paradise. You ask it three times. If you just did that Paradise just made du’aa for you and do the same for Hellfire and Hellfire will make dua for you to not enter it.
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Being married someday is going to be so cool. Like you get to come home to your best friend every single day and just do life together.
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